Sunday, December 23, 2012

that crazy time of year.

so a wee break from the kitchen, cleaning, and picking up stuff. i rarely ever put much time into this space anymore. time is just going at lightning speed lately; trying to keep up with kids, baking, presents, and the general insanity that is this time of year. i thought for sure i was ahead of the game this year...oh well, maybe next year! 

i am incredibly grateful for all we have been able to do: a bit of ice skating, passing out cookies to friends, pajama time with cousins, and lots of good snuggle time over movies. its too bad it goes by so quickly! in light of recent events i am trying my hardest to cherish every little bit and working on that difficult task of letting go and letting God take care of things; i do indeed need to work on that one. so easy to get overwhelmed with life and try to figure it all out on your own. trust me, that is not a great plan. 

well, you may be getting your Christmas cards a bit late this year but i leave you with a little sneek peek thanks to Emily for another great year of pics! May you all be blessed with Christ this season, and have a Happy new year!! Merry Christmas to all!

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