Thursday, October 25, 2012

morning walks and deep thoughts.

i could not be happier with this change in weather. believe it or not it is actually still a bit warm, but the fact that we can spend so much time outside is priceless right now. everyone is much happier, and we're back to being ourselves...walks to the park and the library. adventures through the 'jimmy jungle' (as Finn referred to it one time and has stuck ever since).

i will say it is kind of confusing here for kids when you tell them it is fall and the leaves really are not changing. Ruby keeps asking if any of our trees are going to change colors. hmmm, probably not much sister. and speaking of Ruby questions; there have been a whole lot of difficult ones lately about how God makes so many things, and did God make Jesus? (all i could think of was, dare i bring up the Trinity...oh they are three in One...) and then she asked: "Who made God?"

Tonights dinner ponderings included something a bit lighter: "i wish Jesus lived in the same time as us right now, b/c then we could play with him and it would be so fun! He could ride in our car...but he wouldnt take a shower with us, no. Wait, where would he live?"
ummm, at his house of course. 

I tell you, good stuff lately. I'll keep you posted. And why is it that i can not answer questions simply? i find myself concocting a rather intense response in my head, quickly stopping myself, and then replying with something so simple as "hmmm, im not sure" or way too much information. good thing i dont teach kindergarten. boy are Ruby's teachers in for a treat next year!

hope the weather is treating you right! i can not wait for halloween. shall be full of laughs and good cousin time. ruby will be going as Cathy Sheldon from singing in the rain. and dec of course will be THE HULK. there have been some pretty exciting crafting/sewing going on around these parts. i do believe it going to be legen...wait for it...



jack, lucy, finn and dot said...

love this post. totally made me smile. the kids' God questions always make me laugh. and, as for the seasons, finn still says he can't wait for winter to play in the snow... you think he would've noticed after five years, that there is no snow in phoenix...

jack, lucy, finn and dot said...

also love the how i met your mother reference.