Sunday, August 26, 2012

hello monday.

hey all. i thought i would share some fun inspirations
 of late with you all. hope you had a wonderful weekend. 
i had some good times doing a cupcake photo shoot 
involving icing made with crisco...never again my friends. 
greasy slimyness is not my friend. 
next time we're sticking to the real deal.
so here are some fun links to enjoy. happy monday to you!

this grown up birthday party looked pretty awesome...esp those spoons!
i recently made this icebox cake and had rave reviews...i would 
love to try a lemon cream version on my own, soon. 
i found some really sweet kids room inspiration here.
and i also love this woven gift wrap tutorial and thought it
would be fun to try with metallics and fluorescents
for the holidays. 

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