Friday, June 22, 2012

welcome mikey!

so believe it or not, i am not pregnant anymore....
after several "you've been pregnant for.eve.eer."comments,
michael patrick mchale
did indeed arrive on june 18th around 4am at a whopping 
7 lbs. 10.8 oz

he has been welcomed home with much more love
than i could ever wish for. 
the kids are over the moon for him.
we hear a lot of this from declan:
'i want to hold him'...'i just love my mikey' or sudden bursts of laughter
at anything 'his baby' happens to do.
ruby can not get enough either; tons of snuggle up time and gazing at him, 
singing him songs, holding and loving on him. 

i must say, the transition is much easier than i had expected 
and a truly beautiful experience. 
one happy crazy family here! 
minus the occasional ruby/declan fights....haha. 

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