Tuesday, March 20, 2012

happy no. 4 !!

i just cant believe she is growing up so fast on us. 
already four this past sunday!

 ruby had a pretty awesome pre-b-day celebration at 
the annual burch st. patrick's day block party, 
and followed it up by a lovely chilly rainy actual 
birthday.....presents, choc croissants, and general squeals
of excitement from her and declan. 
I do have to say it is funny to have such a little brother 
so close, who also happens to think his birthday is 
march 18, as he has told us several times. 
luckily he was able to share in the morning 
with ruby handing him a present to open. 
such love. 
cheers to another year!

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Sara said...

happy birthday, Rubes!! Can't wait to see you!! love,
Sam and Ben