Thursday, November 3, 2011


 halloween was pretty lovely this year...gorgeous weather
and lots of fun. we attempted some pumpkin carving, 
which basically was more like drawing all over pumkins
with black markers and then carving it out really quickly.

 Ruby was "Annie" and played the part gloriously
as she does most days.

and Declan was a leprechaun who refused to wear his 
giant hat. how about that beard painted by Ed?
pretty awesome. 

he really didnt want any photos taken. oops. 
and he was all too into trick or treating. 
once he saw his house at the end of the trip
 he cried and wouldnt come home. 
apparently the idea of going to doors for candy  
was just too good to be true the the little lad.
hope you had a happy halloween! 

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