Tuesday, October 18, 2011

so behind.

 so ive been a pretty horrible slacker when it comes 
to blogging...or more precisely being online in general.
i just usually feel like i can always find something better 
to do...dishes, picking up, sleeping, soaking up my kids, 
reoganizing, sewing, and the list goes on. 

so on that note, a little while back i really felt inspired 
to buy some patterns and make girlie dresses...
working up to maybe making myself another dress 
(we'll see shall we).
so ruby helped me to pick out the pattern and fabric
which was half of the fun. 
we ended up with this 'annie' dress
which i am just happy she likes to wear,
b/c there is nothing worse than all that work and effort
and the honesty of a 3 yr old not really liking it. 

so here a some fun pics to share of one of our downtown 
adventures recently. a trip to the market for a few things.
and a surprise pink apple. 
quelle surprise!
oh, and for some reason the water was still on.
oh yeah, it was still kind of hot.
so declan had no problem getting totally soaked.
that crazy guy.

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