Saturday, July 9, 2011

a new pink bike.

due to our unlucky history with bikes, 
we recently discovered that yes, they steal old kid bikes too, 
not just awesome big kid ones.
so ruby has contented to inquire as to whether we can get 
a new bike. i finally gave in and decided we could 
go look. i got sucked in and we concluded on this 
pink beauty.
so while declan ran around destroying the store 
like a wild man the poor guy put the bike together, 
i mean the poor mom did a series of bending and grabbing the 
little guy and picking up the maddness....a trip to the grocery 
and still an unfinished bike. in the end, we are happy to have 
a bike back in the house. in, not out anymore. 
too bad its so stinkin hot.

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