Tuesday, December 14, 2010

happy b day eduardo fastidious

we love you!

we started the 10th...ed's bday...
just right with rainbow donuts (yum)
and while he was at work ruby helped me
make this lovely trader joes cake,
which i confess i bought b/c the box was so cute.

and we celebrated later that evening
with a lovely dinner,
cake and vino
and topped it off by meeting up with some
friends after kids went to sleep.
it was a pretty good 31st.

i am pretty sure ruby lives for birthdays.
she may in fact think we are celebrating Jesus' birthday
every night she blows out the advent candles.
silly girl.
happy birthday anyhow; a couple days late big guy.
we love you lots
and think youre the absolute best dad around.

1 comment:

jack, lucy and finn said...

happy birthday, ed!
and, christine, that cake looks amazing! that frosting looks to-die-for...