Friday, December 4, 2009


so i thought it would be fun to remember the words ruby is starting to say. she is definitely talking a lot these days. her favorite words of choice currently:
*juice (sounds more like juzzsh)
*gigi (a top favorite)
*em (who also apparently looks like a girl on a H&M ad)
*al (she saw him brieftly at thanksgiving and really likes to ask for him to come over)
*pete (who is usually proceeded by a big smile or giggle)
*blue (everything is blue...even though she can distinguish, she would rather everything be blue)
*book book book ( she likes to say it severarl times, as to emphasize her love i guess)
*du du du (the sound of elephants marching....learned from the 'jungle book')

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jack, lucy and finn said...

let me add one that she said tonight while i was watching her.....i heard her grunting off by herself, and I said, "rubes, what are you doing?" she quickly pointed between her legs and said, "poo"....or maybe "poop".....and finn immediately followed the changing of ruby with a poo of his own.