Thursday, June 11, 2009

little helper in the kitchen

ok, so not really a helper; rather more of a mess maker and demanding snaker. she just can not stand being down below and out of sight while i cook. i guess i understand. she just wants to be a part of it all and see what im up to. pushing the coffee grinder button with me is a big hit.
so yes, i let her sit on this tiny little space on the counter and live in danger. i have recently moved the toaster, since she just couldnt resist trying to get her own toast out. live and learn sometimes.
i have recently requested from ed to build me and island just like the ones at the swim school (made out of plastic piping). i saw a wooden one in some kids magazine or maybe it was online, so they can stand next to you and help, or mess things up .... whatever makes them let you make dinner i say...whatever works and counts them in.

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