Friday, February 27, 2009

i love spring

if it could only be spring all the time! ewwwww....i am sitting outside and there is a nasty pregnant pigeon wandering my backyard; why are there so many pigeons infesting the yard right now?? yuckaroo!

so i decided i should not try to think so hard about what specifically to write on here and i should just write more in general. i use to be so proficient at keeping a journal before getting married, opening a restaurant and having Ruby, so maybe this could be a journalesque of sorts for me...if i could only work up the courage to write more.
anyhow, life is taking some drastic changes for us just as the weather is turning. more about those changes later, but for now i shall just say i am really feeling blessed to have our Ruby-girl (as I commonly refer to her).....Ed's favorite word for her is little pitut (not sure how he would like that spelled). She is the joy of my days, as is my wonderful husband. I love how she is so silly all the time and really just loves to giggle, smile and have a general good time. What great spirits she has.

We were just discussing when to make the big transition of moving her into her own bed at night, as she has taken to trying helplessly to sleep ontop of me or Ed at night, then tossing and turning to realize Mom isnt cushiony and cosy enough as the soft blankies and pillows (if only I was a big fluffy pillow I would be the ultimate mom right?). Anyhow, as frustrating as sleep can be sometimes, we still vouched we are not ready to let her go and be a big girl yet. Maybe reconsidering after the big birthday?!?!?!

Now I am just pondering what to do for her big day, and mostly I just think about what kind of sweets I want to make...tiny ice cream cones...tiny cupcakes...tiny cakes...a huge pink cake with sprinkles...Too many decisions to make.......I'll probably have to go with tiny. i do love tiny things!

well, happy spring days to all who have good weather and blooming flowers in your gardens. I am trying my darndest to plant more veggies here beyond just flowers so we can enjoy eating some of our bloomin garden. until next ramble...happy lent to all!

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