Saturday, November 8, 2008

busy busy...makin dinner

so i have been quite the slacker on updating the blog. i guess its b/c i essentially created a new restaurant last week, and tonight we are opening to the public for dinner. oh, i shall not even begin on the challenges of creating a new menu, organizing vendors, staff, etc, learning new recepies, training your chef to cook dinner instead of eggs, and all the while attempting to plate up pastries while holding or entertaining Ruby. interesting life...perhaps it will calm down eventually.
well, i sure can not wait for monday...glourious monday when we are closed and can spend the day at the park having good old family time. so thats me for now; and here is a look at the menu i put together.

::evening menu::


warm apple galettes. black pepper honey
caramel. sea salt. brillant savarin.

heirloom tomato confit. cypress grove purple
haze melted chevre.
fine herbs. baguette toasts.

pomme pailles. organic house made ketchup.
roasted garlic aioli.

cheese and charcouterie. st.pete‘s artisan blue. aged manchego.
fleur des alpes. truffle tremor. olives. proscuitto. fruit and nuts. toasts.

simple french. radicchio. endive. boston lettuce.
classic dijon vinaigrette.

marinated feta. citrus fennel essence. spinach
and arugula. pink lady apples. thinly sliced radish.
white balsamic vinaigrette.

roasted grape. organic greens and frisee lettuces.
chevre and herb toasts. roasted walnuts.
champagne honey vinaigrette.

golden bell pepper. smoked paprika
crème fraiche. arugula and bacon

local meat shoppe pork chop. slow roasted wilcox apple. honey
sage cream. green beans. yukon gold mash.

peppered cedar river farms ribeye.
pomme pailles. brandy jus.
sunflower sprout salad.

spicy seared sesame ahi tuna. mango and avocado
salsa. pineapple jasmine rice. ginger scallion sauce.

spice rubbed rack of lamb. creamy parmesan polenta.
fresh sautéed spinach. roasted organic baby carrots.

butternut squash ravioli. toasted pine nut and goat
cheese cream. pan fried squash blossom
and baby arugula.

floating islands. delicate meringue.
classic crème anglaise. Fresh berries.
pistachio praline.

sweet potato tarte. marshmallow brulee.
pecan oat crumble. caramel crème.

chocolate and peanut butter napoleon.
layers of chocolate mousse and peanut butter
perfection amidst delicate pastry flakes.


Katie said...

WOW. that looks incredible Christine! hope it's going well.

The Winterings said...

We were priveledged to be the taste tasters.....ummm can we say ***** stars!!!!