Tuesday, July 22, 2008

i got somethin to say

so hey guys whats happenin? its me Ruby, you know the cute lady in all the pics!

my mom said now that im a whole 4 months it would be ok for me to start blogging when im up for it.

so life sure is good and pretty busy sometimes. my days usually start with dad waking me up and singing me songs; my favorite being 'alloutte'. can you believe he sings me a song about a bird and plucking it's feathers! what a silly guy, but golly gee i sure love that song...it makes me smile no matter how mad i decide to be...works like a charm everytime.

after picking out some clothes for me (usually jeans and a t-shirt cuz thats his fav) we hop in the car to work. when i get there its always crazy! Everyone cooking, talking, laughing and being goofy. Dolores is my favorite with her big smiles and super happy greetings; im still not sure why she always calls me 'gordita'...I think these jeans make me look good.

While daddy puts me in the bijorn and makes his coffee i do a check up on all the employees and take mental notes of who isnt doing their job properly and ways to improve the business for our evening meetings. mom always gives me kisses and smells like muffins and scones, yum OH ....i can't wait for my chance to chomp on those!

so we hang out at work sometimes for a bit and then mom and i get to go home and play...eat...sleep. i try to eat about everything i can get my hands on and im always havin fun. thats about it. until next time, a bientot, a dios!

ps. isnt touching your toes the coolest! its my new favorite passtime!


Katie said...

I love it! :)

jack, lucy and finn said...

rubes, we love hearing from you! we need to come meet you one of these mornings at palatte. just tell us when! we love you! (oh, and finn says, "yes, touching your toes is the coolest! oh, and i want to eat you... or at least give you a big slobbery hug.")